Lewisboro Baseball Association Westchester county Cross River, NY LBA

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To Be Eligible: 
Our league is open for all boys & girls who reside in the Town of Lewisboro and are currently enrolled in the 1st grade up to the official Little League age of 16 (anyone born on or after May 1, 1995). Additionally, Little league rules limit registration in the LBA for 1st through 6th graders, along with 7thgraders born on or after May 1, 1999, to those who live in the Increase Miller, Lewisboro or Meadow Pond school zones.  Those KES  area residents eligible for our Juniors and Seniors Divisions (i.e., born  before May 1, 1999) may play in the LBA . Division eligibility for the spring season is based on current grade as well as "league age," which is defined as a player's age on April 30, 2012.


Our "A"  Division ( all 1st & 2nd Graders), "AA" Division (all 3rd & 4th graders) and "AAA" Division (5thGrade) will be played on a 60 foot diamond. All children in these grades play in these divisions irrespective of birthdays. Again this year, our Majors division (all 6th graders irrespective of birthdate & all 12 year old 7th graders - those born between May 1, 1999 and April 30, 2000) will play on the 70 foot diamond:

  • “A” Division:for grades 1 & 2. Pitching machine is used. All youngsters will have the opportunity to experience many fielding positions over the course of the season and the emphasis is on the development of fundamental baseball skills and sportsmanship. A slightly reduced game schedule is utilized with more practice time scheduled.  Score will be kept but not standings. We will conduct an end of year tournament.  
  • “AA”:  Live arm pitching will be utilized in this division, for grades 3 & 4.  Standings will be kept and playoffs will be held to determine a champion. Typical schedule is two games and one practice per week.
  • “AAA”:For 5thgraders only. Standings will be kept and playoffs will be held to determine a champion. Typical schedule is two games and one practice per week.
  • Majors Division:  All 6th graders and 7th graders born between May 1, 1999 and April 30, 2000. We will send an e-mail by March 20, to all qualifying 7th grade 13 year-olds who have registered, asking you to state your field preference. Standings will be kept and playoffs will be held to determine a champion. Typical schedule is two games and one practice per week. This year, we can not accomodate 7th grade 13 year olds in the Majors division as Little League baseball rule prohibit it. LL age 13 year olds must play on the 90-foot diamond.
  • Juniors Divisions:  (90 foot diamond), For all Little League age 13 and 14 year olds including: 7th grade, 13 year-olds (born between May 1, 1998 and April 30, 1999) and 8th grade 13 year olds and 8th/9th grade league age 14 year olds (birthdate 5/1/97 - 4/30/1999). Games will primarily be scheduled on weekends.
  • Seniors division:(90 foot diamond) league age 15 & 16  (5/1/95 - 4/30/97). Games will primarily be scheduled on weekends.

Registration & Fee:  
Players who register by January 31, 2012 will receive the early registration fee of $175.00 per individual registrant, with a discounted fee of $155.00 per registrant for families registering multiple children in the league. This will increase to $200.00 for individuals and $180.00 per registrant for multiple player families who register on or AfterFebruary 1. Any registration received on or after March 12, will be subject to a waiting list and you may not be placed on a team until after April 14, 2010.

Regular Season:
We plan to announce teams by mid-March to allow for some indoor and/or outdoor practice time before the anticipated opening day ceremony on April 14. Regular season play will begin on opening day and soon after for all teams, ending with the Division Championship Games and awards ceremony by mid-June. Weekday practices will be scheduled subject to field availability. We will announce more information about our schedule in January.

Uniforms & Equipment:
All players will receive a team jersey, hat, pants and socks. Additionally, we will continue to provide a helmet and a heart guard for all players in their first year with the LBA. If returning players need a new helmet or a larger-sized heart-guard, which will be mandatory again this season on the 60 & 70 foot diamonds, we will make them available for purchase at a significantly reduced price. All players must provide their own baseball footwear (no metal cleats), baseball gloves, athletic supporters and protective cups. The LBA provides all teams with baseballs, first aid kits, catcher’s mitts and catcher’s equipment.

This year we will hold player evaluation sessions as follows: 

  1. Evaluations for all 1st through 5th graders, will be scheduled on or about Sunday March 4that John Jay High School. Final date and times will be e-mailed and posted well in advance of the date, by February. 
  2. 6th & 7thgraders may be evaluated as deemed necessary in a separate session (TBD). 
Key Dates:
Early bird Registration ends: January 31, 2012
Regular registration closes: March 5, 2012 
(late registrants subject to wait list)
In-Town Evaluations: Sunday, March 4, 2012 (Times & place TBA)
Teams announced: Mid-March
Potential indoor practice sessions: Late March TBD
Opening Day, play begins: April 21, 2012

We also urge all players & parents to carefully read the Codes of Conduct before signing, since last years we introduce some important additions involving player & parent behavior. Also, parents are urged to provide updated and accurate medical information including Doctor, contact, insurance and most importantly, ANY medical conditions or allergoes that we will need to be aware of in the event of an emergency.